Conroe St. Paul Pastor


The Rev. Cynthia T. Hinson

Twenty-two years ago, the Texas Annual Conference appointed a student pastor from Perkins School of Theology, Cynthia T. Hinson, to serve the St. Paul congregation. She is still faithfully serving St. Paul today -- with joy and gratitude! If you call our church, chances are, Cynthia will answer the phone. She enjoys meeting and sharing with the people of our growing Conroe community.   


A Tarheel by Birth and Mountain Lover by Nature

Cynthia was born and reared in North Carolina. She is the oldest of three children born to Frealon Ed Thomas, Sr. and Frances Love Thomas, who were the first in their families to leave farming/ranching families and move to  Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina. Cynthia loves the Appalachian and Great Smoky Mountains, and spent her favorite days there on family vacations, and loving the out-of-doors as a Girl Scout.  These days, she enjoys embroidering, natural landscaping, and gardening on her rustic acre homestead near Conroe. 


Children and Grandchildren...but not politics!

In 1977, Cynthia moved with her husband, Jerry Hinson, employed by then-Exxon Corporation, to Houston, Texas. They had three children, Jerry III, Thomas, and Elizabeth. When the children were all settled in school, Cynthia became active politically in their Bellaire, Texas community. When the nuances of politics grew morally discouraging, Cynthia completed  a B.A. in Linguistics from The University of Houston, and began teaching English. Teaching was satisfying, but the limitations imposed on sharing her faith with students was disheartening, and she longed for depth and meaning in her work.  


Call and Education

Following several powerful experiences, and consultation with mentors, Cynthia chose to follow a call to ministry. At age 40, with the closest seminary 300 miles away, the challenges were many, but her call was undeniable. Cynthia graduated from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University with a Master of Divinity, cum laude, and completed all coursework for two additional D.Min. degrees, one in Biblical Preaching at Asbury Theological Seminary, and another at Houston Graduate School of Theology.  However, at this point in her life, writing a dissertation did not seem as important or relevant to her as her calling to serve her congregation and community. Cynthia opted to lay aside the dissertation, in favor of her pastoral commitments. 


What to Expect at St. Paul

 St. Paul is strongly Wesleyan, vibrant and welcoming.  It offers what Pastor Hinson calls, a “freshly traditional” atmosphere. Staying true to the mission of the Apostle Paul, for whom our church is named, Pastor Hinson considers it her highest calling to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that those hearing can understand and embrace the promises of our Loving God. She is a gifted storyteller and her sermons are strongly biblical, uplifting, relevant, and spiced with humor.  The St. Paul congregation believes in dressing casually and comfortably, and enjoying their Sunday mornings together.  When you come, you will feel the love at St. Paul and leave refreshed and strengthened!      


Come and Visit! You Will Be Glad You Did!

St. Paul United Methodist Church 

1100 W. Semands St.  Conroe, TX


phone: 936-756-5442